Grace Wangari

A beneficiary of Inuka Programme

”I am one of the beneficiaries of the KPC Inuka Scholarship programme, The scholarship has enabled me to complete my secondary school studies and I will be proceeding to Machakos University to study Production Engineering Degree. I would like to appreciate and thank the KPC Foundation for the support through my secondary education without them I would not have realized this dream.”

 Ngamia One Kochodin High School

”KPC, ‘you have done your best’. You have lived to your mission-to foster development in order to transform humanity.  Your desire to give back to the community through such infrastructural developments cannot be taken for granted. ” The Principal Ngamia One Kochodin High School.

Cheptuiyet Girl’s in Soin/Sigowet Constituency, Kericho County

”As a school, we are much indebted to the invaluable aid to the school which has significantly contributed to the positive enrollment of girls from 11 girls in 2010 when the school was established as the girl- day -school to the current 584 girls of which it is now a full boarding school. The project not only has boosted the enrollment, it has significantly improved the transition rate to colleges and universities to more than 60%. Unlike earlier, the pregnancy rate has dropped significantly by more than 90%.The transition to colleges and universities has risen from mean of 3.5 in 2013 to 5.2 in 2019.The school has made great success through high enrollment by safeguarding the girls from the archaic culture within the community of early marriages.”  Mr. Rono, School Director of studies